Get the Savvy to Communicate with Confidence

Accent Modification & Communication Training


Get the Savvy to Communicate with Confidence

Accent Modification & Communication Training

Raise your hand if...

You desire to speak English with a more neutral American accent.

You wish to exude self-confidence and clarity while speaking. 

You want to communicate with ease and receive expressions of instant comprehension

You want people to focus on what you speak rather than how you speak.

You're ready to stop repeating yourself so listeners understand you the first time.

You wish to improve your professional image, increase your speaking skills, and advance your career.


If you would like to achieve any of the above results, then consider Accent Savvy programs to improve your spoken English and communication skills.

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Intelligent. Intelligible. Get Savvy.

Intelligent. Intelligible. Get Savvy.

What is accent modification?

Just like an actor would speak an accent in a movie, you will learn the American accent. But instead, this role is for YOUR LIFE! You have places to go and milestones to conquer. Improving your spoken English will help get you there. Accent Savvy trains clients to become better understood when speaking American English. 

Training involves undergoing a speech assessment to identify the personal pronunciation patterns that deviate from the American accent. Sessions target self-listening skills combined with the production of sound and speech patterns to increase communication skills in American English. 

What are the benefits?

  • Increases Confidence While Speaking

  • Boosts Opportunities for Career Advancement

  • Reduces Misunderstandings

  • Improves Professional Relationships

  • Enhances Presentation Skills

  • Develops Clear Communication

  • Improves Relatability to Others

  • Decreases Repeating

  • Enhances Professional Image

  • Strengthens Telephone Speaking


Success Stories from our Clients


Be Clear. Be Distinct. Be Unmistakable.

Be Clear. Be Distinct. Be Unmistakable.

Our typical clients:

  • Non-Native English Speakers 

  • Business Executives

  • Doctors and Medical Professionals

  • Educators

  • Business Owners

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Public Speakers

  • Any person motivated to improve their American English pronunciation skills.

  • Hospitality Professionals

  • Individuals with Regional American Accents

  • IT Professionals

  • Engineers

  • Clergy

  • Actors 

  • Salespeople 

  • Media Personalities

  • Communication-based Professionals

  • Social Marketers & Vloggers