This program is ideal for: 

  • People who have moderate to strong foreign accents who wish to gain a more neutral American Accent.
  • People who want to improve not only their pronunciation skills, but their speaking skills for interviewing, presenting, public speaking, American idioms and slang, or work toward a specific speech goal. 

Program features:

  • Initial Accent Analysis

Prior to the start of your first session, your speech will be phonetically transcribed and analyzed against standard American English in order to identify your personal sound deviations / speech patterns (Includes 2 hours of transcription time by Caroline). 

  • Twelve weeks of private one-hour sessions via Skype / FaceTime  
    (In-person sessions available in the Chicago Loop)

We will focus on exercises to accurately pronounce your target sounds, use proper intonation, rhythm, and stress, and you will be provided with live feedback regarding your progress. 

  • Tailored program to your profession

This may include terminology often used in your profession, or additional skills you are seeking to improve, such as interviewing, public speaking, or presentation skills. 

  • Online Practice Materials Between Sessions

A lifetime online subscription is provided for when you want to practice your skills. 

  • Weekly Customized Practice Plans

  • American Idioms and Slang Practice

  • Final Accent Analysis

The analysis will identify the percentage improvement in your accent near the end of your program. Typical rates of improvement vary from 50% to 70% and depend on each client's time and practice invested in the program.   

  • Additional sessions can be purchased separately

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