Hi guys!  Today we are talking about how to pronounce "gorilla" and "guerrilla". Just looking at these two words we know they are spelled differently, and they have different meanings. A lot of people have also pronounced these differently as well. However, they are pronounced exactly the same! So, you will have to decipher the context of the conversation to figure out which gorilla/guerrilla a person is talking about. Listen to the sound clip below to hear these words being pronounced and used in a sentence. And don't hesitate to ask a question in the comments section if I can help any further. 

Pronounced like: guh-RIL-uh  (capitalized letters are stressed sounds) 

Phonetically: gə'rɪlə



Gorilla - an ape you would see at the zoo. 












Guerrilla - a fighter who is part of a small independent group, typically against larger authorized forces such as the police.